Ölz the Meisterbäcker is a family-run Austrian company which has successfully been making baked goods since 1938. Today Ölz remains Austria’s most popular baked goods brand and continues to enjoy great success with consumers far beyond the country’s borders. Enthusiasm for Ölz products is particularly high in Germany but Ölz products are also extremely popular in Switzerland, Italy and France as well as in Eastern Europe.

Ölz the Meisterbäcker is the clear market leader and at the same time Austria’s most popular baked goods brand. Brand recognition is 96 % (cued). 8 out of 10 Austrian consumers prefer to buy products made by Ölz the Meisterbäcker; more than two thirds regularly or frequently. Exports now make up around 48 % of sales.

By taking the new production line for small yeast pastries into service and with the decision to be the first industrial bakery to use fresh milk, the Dornbirn family business once again demonstrated an exceptional innovative spirit – which has already paid dividends. As the most popular bakery in Austria Ölz has been achieving record turnovers and is hence able to further consolidate its position as market leader.

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