For golden coffee pleasure.

Maresi Alpenmilch is a coffee milk in the glass bottle which is produced in Austria since 1955. Since then, two generations of Austrians have been creaming their coffee with natural Maresi Alpenmilch.
Premium quality, timeless design and consistent brand maintenance throughout the years have turned Maresi into a classic. Maresi coffee milk is available in three types – the original, light and bio.
To the brand belongs also the extra creamy ice coffee which makes every break to a pleasurable moment. Both flavours – Classic and Cappuccino – are available in a practical and environmentally friendly cartocan.
In this way, Maresi was able to use its continuously expanding product portfolio to achieve the status of an Austrian power brand and thus position itself at a level reserved for only a few global brands.



Spar, Mercator, Tuš, E.Leclerc

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