Baci Perugina

Baci Perugina is much more than a simple chocolate. I’s perfect for saying “I love you the italian way.”

An unique Baci recipe: Everything starts with the hazelnuts, which are selected and roasted to become the center of the Baci, in the crushed hazelnut with enriches the gianduia filling. One whole crunchy hazelnut is gently placed on top of the filling: no two are placed in exactly the same position and this is why every Baci is one of a kind!  Lastly, this filling is coated twice with dark chocolate which creates a rich and enveloping layer that balances the flavor and consistency.

The use of sustainably farmed cocoa, the gluten-free recipe and Kosher certification make Baci Perugina suitable for increasingly-selective consumer needs.

Legendary love notes: Since the Thirties, they’ve voiced feelings for people who want to express their love through the words of philosophers, classical authors, contemporary artists and proverbs. The messages on the Love Notes make the savouring moment of a Baci Perugina even more special.

The secret of Baci Perugina is that they express what words cannot say.

A small masterpiece that preserves a message: the love note, which has always accompanied Baci Perugina, making every Baci a unique and special experience


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